Turn Drawings into Keychain

Item Detail

Make drawings alive.

When carefully treated, kids' drawings can be incredibly pure and beautiful - A point proved by the keychains we made from kids' drawings. No detail would be left out, everything kids tried to express will be permanently kept in a dainty pendant.

  • 3-5 business days for production
  • 1.2mm (0.048") thick
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 99 day returns for any quality deficits

Be kids' color keepers.

Colors are always vibrant, glossy, and time-resistant in the kids' world. Our jewelry makes a perfect way to capture their imagination.

Carry memories everywhere you go.

Behind a drawing are those joyous moments we spent with kids. No matter where you are, let this dainty piece create more heart-warming moments for you.

Well wrapped with love.

Make it your sweet gift to thank everyone who has taken part in a kid's growth.

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