Meet the Founder

Hello, I’m Liam! I’m a dad to two kids and the founder of iDooodle.

As a child, I was fascinated by animation, fairy tales, and stories I made up. I would draw characters from these stories over and over again, hoping to bring them to life so I could be closer to them.

My children share that same passion, as do many kids. As parents, we encourage them to imagine, to explore their creative side, not only so that they can learn to solve problems but also to know the joy they possess within themselves.

A few years ago, I came up with the idea of making a plush toy based on a character my daughter created, and in looking for ways to make this happen, I stumbled upon hundreds of tutorials teaching you how to make a plush. That’s how our story began!

We Love to Make You Smile

Every plush iDooodle creates is a piece of art and the loving product of teamwork. We are a small group of passionate, imaginative individuals who love to craft handmade plushies. Most of us are designers and sewers, but one thing we have in common is the sense of wonder and delight we bring to the plushes we make.

Since 2021, iDooodle has made thousands of plushies, and not just for children! Each is a unique expression of wonder, imagination, and pure love that never ceases to delight. Knowing that joy and being a part of it—nothing in life compares!

And while each team member has a unique gift they bring to the table, it’s the work we do together that means the most. The iDooodle workshop is a community filled with love and happiness. We are each still very much connected to a child-like sense of wonder and share a passion for making people happy.

Every Plushie is a Story to be Told

These days, not many merchants work like us. iDooodle treats every plush as a unique and cherished project. Our teams takes the time to read your notes, search for your requested materials, and will often try different ways of crafting your item to make it just right. We deeply respect your creativity and will work with you on the artwork to ensure the result is as you envision.

We should also mention—our work isn’t just for kids! iDooodle creates plushies for people of all ages. They make incredible gifts for grandparents, grads, mom and dad, your BFF, or your eccentric cat-loving auntie (or uncle)! Those are just a few ideas, but really—the sky is the limit! At iDooodle, we’re all kids at heart, after all… and nothing says “I get you” quite the same way as a cuddly, plush reminder of your love.

iDooodle is a small company and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized service for each customer. We find it hard not to remember every plush we’ve made! When you become a customer, you join our big, happy family—and you’ll know that your plush was hand-made with love by a real person.

Safe and Snug Like a Mama’s Hug

Because our audience and customers are mostly children, safety is always number one.

iDooodle only uses materials from qualified manufacturers that do business ethically. All finished products adhere to meticulous CPSC safety standards. That means when your design indicates a need to use small parts on your plush, our customer support team will contact you to ensure the toy is not meant for small kids. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and happiness of your child!

Thank you for working with iDooodle! We can’t wait to bring your design to life!