The journey of the plushie starts and ends with you! Here’s how we do it:

  1. Your photo, your idea. You’re the designer on this one—it’s all you, you, you! Send us the image and all those little details you want your plushie to have.
  2. Designing and prototyping. Now it’s our turn! After we’ve had a few meetings, our fill of cookies, and any needed conversations with you to clarify the design, we turn your drawing or selfie into a cartoon prototype, a 3D digital model that becomes the blueprint for your plushie.
  3. Materials sourcing. Once we have the prototype, our makers scour the lands for the perfect outer-layer fabrics and materials. We know how important it is to get the colors and patterns just right, so this is often the most complicated and time-consuming part of the process.
  4. Cutting, sewing, and stuffing. Now the busy work begins! Once the fabrics and patterns are prepared, they are carefully cut and sewn together, then brought to life with soft, cushy white fillings! Imagine our little workshop filled with music and busy hands, meticulously threading each stitch to perfection.
  5. Final inspection and approval. Our plushies are never complete until they have passed a rigorous safety and quality inspection. If our safety officer gives us the green light, it’s time to send you photos of your new, cuddly little friend. You will receive an email with a front, back, and side view for your approval. If adjustments or revisions are needed, this is when you can make your requests. We will get to work on the changes and resend your approval photos when complete.
  6. Get ready to love your new plushie! Your finished plushie is shipped to you via your preferred shipping method. When it arrives, we invite you to love it up and welcome it into your heart and home!

All materials come from quality manufacturers. Fillings are 100% PP cotton (polypropylene), and the shell is super-soft, huggable plush. We may use other fabrics if specifically requested or if we feel there are better options for your design. We never use small or removable parts when plushies are created for small kids. If your design indicates details like these, we’ll reach out to confirm the recipient’s age. Your safety always comes first!

For plushies made from original artwork and selfies, production time is usually 1-3 weeks. For all other products, expect 3-5 business days. Production cycle quotes include lots of time for naps and lunch but do not include shipping time.

All iDooodle items are vacuum-packed and wrapped within a beautiful gift bag, ready for giving. When your package arrives, you may need to tap your plushie or pillow a few times to “wake it up” and let it recover its original shape. Wrinkles usually vanish in a day or two.

No. For safety concerns, all plushie parts are firmly stitched together. But… if you want a removable element as a customization, we can do that! For example, maybe you want a kangaroo with a little baby in the pouch or a bear with a removable hat—those would be exceptions, but they would be part of the initial design.

Unfortunately, no. Plushie postures are determined by the patterns we create, which generally means the plush can only have one posture.

We support simple accessories for no additional charge. We charge an extra 30% for complicated accessories on top of the listed price. We invite you to complete your order, along with requests for accessories, and our customer support person will reach out to you if an extra charge is required.

Yes! We are only too pleased to work your description and requests into the design, even if it doesn’t match your drawing precisely. Please specify your desired posture when describing your plush. We recommend having the arms hang down for human-type plushies so they are more huggable.

Spot cleaning is best. Dip a neutral-colored cloth with detergent and wipe the plush surface gently, then remove the soap with a clean, damp cloth. Air dry by placing the plush in a well-ventilated place. It is best not to use hair dryers as the heat may cause deformation. Do not put your plushie in the laundry or dryer!


Yes! Once your order ships, you will receive emails with a tracking link so you’ll know exactly when your plushie will arrive.

Yes! We are thrilled to deliver cuddly stuffies to people all over the world. iDooodle works with many carriers to ensure you get the best delivery option for your needs. The time it takes to ship your product depends on your country, shipping method, and how many naps and lunches the carriers need along the way.

We do not recommend shipping by pigeon or pony, as they often get distracted by food. Fortunately, there are other options that do not involve pigeons or ponies. For the fastest delivery at the best price, we now offer two shipping methods:

  • Standard shipping $4.99: 11-13 business days to US, UK, FR, DE, NZ, 15-18 business days to other countries.
  • Urgent (expedited) shipping $24.95: 5-7 business days to the UK and 4-6 business days to other countries.

Order Issues

Before your order goes into production, you may absolutely cancel. Our customer service will respond as soon as they receive your request. If we’ve begun working on your order or if it’s already shipped, we cannot cancel or provide a full refund. Please contact us with any concerns!

Typical order lead time is 2-6 weeks, depending primarily on the turnaround time and shipping method you choose. Production takes 1-3 weeks (see ABOUT OUR PLUSHIES above). We know you can’t wait to hug your plushie, and we’ll work really hard to get it on its way quickly! Please be patient, as sometimes things happen beyond our control. We will always do our level best to keep you informed!

Of course! If your item needs a modification, get in touch as soon as possible. If the team hasn’t started working on your order, it’s an easy fix. If your order is in production or has already been made, there is not much we can do. Depending on the change requested, an additional fee may be required to modify your order, which may be 30% - 50% of the list price.

 Our customer service will submit a refund request immediately when the order is canceled; however, the refund can take 4-7 business days to process.

Yes, we do! Contact us via email and tell us more about your project.

Additional tax fees may occur in some countries. iDooodle is not responsible for local taxes or tariffs, so you may be responsible for paying these, if applicable.

Yes, but please do contact us as soon as possible. We can only change your shipping address before the order has shipped out.

We support PayPal and most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay.


There are a thousand million ways to transform a drawing or selfie into a plush. We do our best to ensure our result is as close to your artwork and description as possible, and each creation goes through multiple inspections and approvals to ensure quality. In doing so, we expect that the product delivered is as ordered. That being said, we understand it is possible our interpretation doesn’t fit your idea of what the result should be. Ideally, we would like the chance to make it better. If minor changes to your plush will help, we’ll do that for free. If your request requires remaking a big part of the plush, we may charge an additional 30%. If we cannot change it, we will make a new one incorporating your feedback at a 50% discount. We also offer a 50% refund if you don’t want to remake it.

We are very sorry to hear that! Please contact us at support@idooodle.com with a clear photo of your damaged item. We’ll follow up on it as soon as we receive your communication.

 Oh no! Please contact us at support@idooodle.com if you didn’t receive your package. Once we get to the bottom of it with the carrier, we will issue a full refund or resend the package.