Create Your Plush Toy in Three Easy Steps!

1. Send your artwork

Take pictures of your artwork with your phone. The source can be anything from drawings to paintings, illustrations, video game characters, selfies, or a photo of your pet.

2. Work with us

Order received! Now it’s time to review. Someone from our team will contact you if we have questions or suggestions about the details or need to know your preferences to help us make decisions about design, item size, or special materials.

3. Preview your plush online

When we finish your plush, we’ll send you photos via email. You can then approve, propose changes, or request additional photos. We offer one round of free touch-ups based on your feedback.

Tips For Best Plush Results

Your plush is created based on the drawings and illustrations you submit. The more detail we have, the better we can produce a plush that meets your expectations. Here are a few helpful tips to consider as you prepare your artwork.

1.Imagine how your creature looks in a 3D world.  Try to provide us with visual details from multiple angles and views, even if it involves taking several photographs.

2.Detailed descriptions are welcomed!  If you don’t have drawings or cannot provide views from multiple angles, a detailed description helps. For example, if you only have a front view of your creature, try to describe to us how it looks from the side and back. The more detail you can provide, the closer we can come to recreating your idea.

3.Simple is best, but iDooodle can work with any design.  Plushies are puffy and, therefore, not great for including too many fine details, especially if the result is intended to be relatively small. Limit your artwork to what you can draw with a bold pencil lead. Think cartoons over realism!

4.Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or don’t know where to start. Every plush we make is special, and the same guidelines don’t always apply to all artwork. We love to answer your questions and will offer advice based on the result you genuinely want. Please add to your contact list to ensure communications are received!